physalis maple leaves and gold wire case print 300 dpi.jpg

Maple Leaf ball and physalis neckpiece


The seed of an idea within another. Japanese maple leaves preserved and encased in a gold physalis case. A statement neckpiece designed to be a talking point. I had been making sushi dishes with real Japanese maple leaves embedded in clear resin for a book that was published by A& C Black written by Kathie Murphy. The floating Japanese Maples were for the Aki ( Autumn) Sushi dishes. However when I went to the tree where I had been collecting them I was disappointed to find all the leaves had shrivelled and would not be useable for my seasonal Sushi dishes. When I arrived back at the studio I had a rather angry ball of maple leaves. I decided that this misfortune had actually become something beautiful in its own right. So I carefully wove some copper fine wire that I had stripped from an electrical cord and began weaving them and then sprayed them to preserve the maple sphere. I then built a case for them based on another favourite plant the Physalis or Chinese Lantern the beautiful orange seeds that I love. The clasp also echos the seed of an idea living within another as it has small etched maple leaves on the ball which locks into the case of a smaller physalis to form the clasp. The maple centre ball can be dowsed with essential oils to lift your mood or perfume it with your favourite fragrance. Its a sculptural piece that looks stunning on and equally beautiful when adorning the neckline or the wall.

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physalis maple leaves and gold wire case print 300 dpi.jpg