Physalis pendant red sea bamboo sent diffuser on long chain


Sea bamboo is an ethical alternative to coral. It grows prolifically and here it has been dyed red to look like coral. Set within a physalis (chinese lantern) structure in sterling silver with long chain 104 cm in length this means it hangs at a mid body length. The sea bamboo being porous can be scented with your own essential oil perfumes with a high acid make up are not advised however scenting with essential oils allow you to uplift your mood.

.Bamboo coral, or "sea bamboo" has an interesting structure that explains its name. The coral skeletons consist of stretches of branch-like, stony calcium carbonate material, interspersed with joint-like regions of gorgonin protein. The natural color is creamy white with brown or black. Sometimes the harder sections are cut out and dyed to make small beads or cabs, while in other cases larger pieces are used which incorporate both regions and retain the banded patterning.

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