Tanzanite set on textured wide band


Made in sterling silver from a cast Rizzla paper providing a unique texture on this wide band and is set with a faceted tanzanite to create this unusual ring for a rare stone. Tanzanite is the December birthstone. Tanzanite was discovered by the Masai tribes of Africa, and is only found in one place in the world Tanzania. . According to legend, the Masai herders were actually the ones who originally discovered the stone, when a lightning strike set the surrounding grasslands on fire. When they returned to the land with their livestock, the blue stones were all over the ground . it was a prospector named Manuel d’Souza who started to mine them in 1967.

This rizla and tanzanite ring is part of the extraordinary and the everyday collection. The rizla paper when cast takes on a rock like organic surface texture that this extraordinary stone protrudes from. It is a fairly small ring size J

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