Tiara with cherry blossom Rose quartz


Tiara with Rose quartz blossoms also shown here worn as a neckpiece when my sister actor Hannah New was invited to cocktails with the Prince of Monaco at the golden nymph awards.

Many of the brides that I have the pleasure of working with want to have a different look between the ceremony and the reception celebration. I designed this piece to be capable of converting to a stunning neck piece for this reason. When rotated this design sweeps elegantly along the the neck line.

A tiara is an heirloom and should not just be enjoyed for the wedding day but enjoyed as often as possible this design allows the love and memory of the day to be remembered on other special life events.

The design has taken inspiration from spring cherry blossom and vintage tiaras of the debutant glamour. It would also make an exceptional prom attire. I am happy to make a custom made tiara with you and source the gem stones to customise your tiara to your own colour palette. Rose quartz was picked to go with this dusty rose pink dress . If you have pale blue in your design perhaps blue lace agate or aqua marine could accent the flower blossoms as an alternative gem stone. Sumptuous deep red can be achieved with gorgeous garnets or rubies. Spring fresh green can be matched beautifully with facetted peridot, aventurine or green freshwater pearls. Citrine golden yellows for a summery glow or sophisticated black tourmaline  creates a great dramatic head piece. The gem stone options are plentiful I am happy to make a spray of leaves and blossoms for your maid of honour and bridesmaids which makes a lovely keepsake for the day. Investing in a unique personalised tiara and neckpiece gives you a wonderful family heirloom. If you would like a consultation on a personalised design please email me

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